Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hello to me!

So... I took a really good picture of myself today. Not just any selfie, but the selfie of selfies. I'm really grateful to have seen myself that way. I really think I look beautiful in the picture. The sun hits my face just right. My eye brows are arched just right. My eyes shine in the sunlight just right. My lips are shadowed just right. My hair wrap is done up just right. I felt beautiful. I reflected beautiful.

Before today, I was flip flopping on whether to continue with Mr. Acts-Like-A-Horny-Teen or not. I like the attention he sometimes shows me, but I don't like the way he assumes my kisses, the way he kisses, his inability to express himself without "you know what I'm sayin' " being thrown in after every five or so words. I really don't like his kisses. I don't want to settle ever again. I've been alone. I am alone, but I'm not lonely.

I'm good until what He promised comes to me.