Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What gives?

So... I spent last evening sending messages back and forth with a fellow on blackpeople.  Then we figured out that we work for the same school district.

My first response - uh oh.  I've come to learn that black men are a hot commodity. Black professional men who work in a school building are hot tamales!  Not only do all of the single black women want him, but many of the single (or otherwise) white women, Hispanic women, etc. want to (ahem) spend time with him.

But my second response - maybe.  Don't close a door until you know.  So I admit to him that I'm curious.  I suggest coffee or tea.  I also give him an out: "unless [working in the same district] is a deal breaker for you."  He responded, "we can do a coffee date "

So we make plans:

...I Said:
...Subject: Re: LETS TALK 10:03 PM on 1/28/2013
...Any place you prefer?

He Said:
Subject: Re: LETS TALK 10:09 PM on 1/28/2013
lets do the coffee spot

...I Said:
...Subject: Re: LETS TALK 10:32 PM on 1/28/2013
...Okay. The spot it is. I'll check in with you tomorrow. Good night.

The next day...
...I Said:
...Subject: Re: LETS TALK 10:15 AM on 1/29/2013
...When would you like to meet?

See the problem?  My last communication with him was at 10:15 this morning.  After thinking that we were planning to meet after work today, and after spending quite a bit of time making sure I was wearing a "first impression" outfit.  After spending all day looking at my phone expectantly for his response to come through.........waiting.......waiting........

Did I assume too much?  Did I have the wrong impression?  I thought we were interested in meeting EACH OTHER.  After all, he suggested that we meet yesterday evening. But, maybe I was pushing on something that wasn't there.  I'm too damn old for these games.  Does he? Doesn't he? I would much rather be up front.

Something like:
Hello guys out there.
Looking for a single, mature man who is educated (self or university).  Looking for a man who is cool with who I am, and is comfortable with who he is.  Looking for a man who appreciates my sense of humor and comes with one of his own.  A man who thinks I'm drop dead gorgeous and can't wait to get his hands on my body.  Every nook and cranny of my body.  A man who understands that as we age the body changes (most likely because his body has changed as well).  A man who wants to be my friend and THEN my lover.


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