Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I'm 100 Today!!

The following posts have been copied and pasted from my Obesityhelp blog.  I'm excited, so I want to tell everyone, but I'm lazy, so I only want to write it once.  The news is still the same:  I AM ONE HUNDRED POUNDS LESS TODAY!!!!
100 Today!

I'm 100 Today!! [Edit Post]
11 minutes ago
I decided to get on the scale this morning, and low and behold.... I am exactly 100 pounds lighter than I was when I was rolled into the operating room!!!
Woo-hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy re-birthday to me.
And...happy early BIRTHDAY  to me for my actual birthday is on Saturday, and I am physically almost half the person I was on my last birthday.  I just read a post where a member asked when is the honeymoon over. I'm here to tell you that my honeymoon is just beginning.  Feeling good!

"Was it worth it?" [Edit Post]
on November 17, 2012 9:31 am
So. I'm in the hair loss stage.  Great weight loss, but I have found that the stories I've read all over the place are holding true for me as well.  I'm losing a lot of hair.  Because I have dread locks, it is sooooo obvious.  My mother, who had hair loss from way back, looks at me with pity.  My 6 foot tall, teen-age son stares down at my baldness.  Last night, while looking at me from across the room, he asked me, "So, was it worth it?"
"Worth what?" I ask, because I had just been watching television.  Minding my own business.
"Worth losing your hair."
Yes, it echoed in my head. Just like that.
I suppose it was. I'm healthier.  I can walk 10 feet without sweating.  I can climb stairs without huffing and puffing.  I am beginning to look GREAT in my jeans.  The list goes on and the pros FAR outweigh the cons.  Yes, I think I'd do it again.
I suppose this may be God's way of keeping me humbled.  Great body.  No hair.

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